LakeSide Cable Wake




Lakeside cable wake is a new way for the whole family to get into water fun.

Within minutes get up and riding in our private 200 meter long fresh water lake.

all the fun and exhilaration of wake boarding without the noise and hassle of a boat, our overhead cable will pull you smoothly and steadily, without pulling your arms off. 

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Trained operators to ensure your safety and easy learning, will get you up and riding in no time.

If you are wanting to get in to kitesurfing, it's a great way to get the board skills sorted out without having to worry about the kite skills… If you are already a kitesurfer it's a great way to perfect your load and pop, and progress to the next level.

Is it safe?…

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     All participants are required to wear both lifejackets and helmets and be able to follow simple instructions.

Our operators carry out daily safety checks on the equiptment and in the case of equiptment failure we have a secondary system that prevents potential risk.


$80 per hour. Bring your friends, family or work mates 

Bookings essential


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Call us at 09-4328347 or 021-654149


Facebook: Ruakaka Cable Wake

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